What we did in March

Coloring for Grown-ups

The Pryor Library invites you to share in the calming activity that’s sweeping the world – coloring isn’t just for kids anymore.  The intricate designs aren’t ones you’ll find in children’s coloring books. They are often dense geometric or floral patterns, but are equally likely to be detailed fantasy scenes – even moments from popular […]

Your library can help … flavor your dinner

Quick – what’s an easy way to jazz up almost any meal? Fresh herbs, of course! And you can help yourself from the library’s herb garden any time, whether the library is open or not. If we’re here, we’ll be happy to help you identify and pick what you need. Currently we are growing rosemary, thyme, […]

At the Library, play is work

Play is work for small children. That’s why our children’s area is full of opportunities for imaginative play. It can be as simple as blocks or as elaborate as our play kitchen – it all helps children develop their minds, refine their motor skills, and learn to work together. You can find Early Learning Stations […]