Read On! Summer Reading Program

Our Summer Reading Program officially begins this week! It looks a lot different than any Summer Reading we’ve had before, but we’re still excited about it.  Typically, our Summer Reading Program has two parts: the reading challenge and in-person classes and events. This year, our Summer Reading Program has one and a half parts: the […]

Read On! National Library Week

I asked my family for ideas for this week’s article. My son suggested I write about Fortnite (a multi-player video game). My daughter told me to write, “The Library is the best. I love the people who go there and the people who work there. I love the Library.” (All true statements.) And my spouse […]

Read On! Career Affirmation

Working in libraries for almost 15 years, I’ve had my fair share of career-affirming experiences on the job. Libraries touch people’s lives in ways many other service industries don’t or can’t. Reading choices and information needs are inherently personal, so it’s easy to build bonds with the people who come through our doors.  My most […]

Read On! Tulsa Race Riot/Massacre Exhibit

I remember briefly learning about the Greenwood District and the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot/Massacre in high school. The lessons made an impact, but it wasn’t until the Race Riot/Massacre was mentioned in the HBO show “The Watchmen” that I realized how little I know about that area of Tulsa, its history, and the larger repercussions […]