Read On! 2021 and ROI

Looking back on the year’s statistics is always fun. This year is especially enjoyable because our statistics show we are creeping back toward our 2019 numbers. I’m hopeful this means good things for 2022! One of the buzz phrases in the business world is “Return on Investment” which is the benefit (usually monetary) you get […]

Read On! Fictional Friends

I have a t-shirt that says “Some of my best friends are fictional,” which always makes me think of the fictional friends I carry in my heart. Sophie Hatter from “Howl’s Moving Castle” by Diana Wynne Jones is a super smart, but sometimes clueless, woman who talks life into things. She sees the potential in […]

Read On! Parental Permission Assumed

We love having kids and teens in the Library. Our Youth Services staff has worked hard to make their department welcoming to kids, teens, and their caregivers. All of our staff (but especially the Youth Services staff) are ready to help kids and teens find materials they want. Ultimately, our goal is to help everyone […]

Read On! Trivia

Trivia at Fat Toad has become a new favorite thing of mine (and not just because my team won for the first time a couple of weeks ago). The questions are challenging enough to be in a trivia game, but not so challenging that the fun gets sucked out of playing. Teams are composed of […]