Read On! Back to School

I always loved the beginning of the new school year when I was younger. It was like the January New Year in a way – a fresh start. I’d set goals, color code my classes with notebooks, and vow not to procrastinate on my assignments. Much like New Year’s resolutions, about halfway through the first […]

Read On! Library Conferences & COVID

Now that Summer Reading is over, conference season begins. I’ve been to a number of library conferences in my time as a librarian. Library conferences are great ways to learn about new trends in library service, ways to improve existing processes, and meet others library staff. In-person conferences all work basically the same way: days […]

Read On! Art In the Library

Pryor is not the only public library to house a permanent art collection. In fact, enough libraries have museum-quality collections that there are associations and publications dedicated to educating and serving library staff working with art collections. Now that the Pryor Library will officially feature a museum room for art as part of the expansion […]

Read On! Animal Crossing

I’ve never been what anyone would call “hip” (even using that term tells you how unhip I am), so trends often pass me by. Luckily, we’re hosting a virtual Animal Crossing escape room this week, which inspired me to play the game and see what all the hype is about. I didn’t expect to like […]