Read On! Vol. 158 Expiring Accounts

Once a year, every account in our library system needs to be renewed. We try to make renewing your account pretty simple: call or come in to verify your contact information, then you’re good for another year. You even get to keep your old card. Easy-peasy. Accounts expire so we can maintain current records for […]

Language Learning

I doubt it’s surprising to anyone that the library staff likes to learn new things. One of the joys of answering questions (about 1,700 each month) is learning with our patrons. We’ve learned crafts, recipes, repairs, trivia and more thanks to the questions that come to our desks. We also get to learn about the […]

Read on! Vol. 156 Vocational Awe

Dr. Seuss Enterprises decided to pull six of Dr. Seuss’s books from publication because they feel these books are harmful. This was a business decision by a private company, but it opens the door to discuss and critique libraries as many libraries grapple with what to do with these six titles (we’re keeping ours for […]

Read On! Vol. 155 Techno Joy

A love of teaching is partially what attracted me to librarianship. I’ve known for a long time that I’m not cut out to be a classroom teacher – I’m terrible at doing homework and I am nowhere near as patient as the saints who have my kids in class – but I love the act […]