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September 18, 2023

Who we serve

I love that people think of libraries as being a safe place for children and teenagers. When they think of libraries, they envision babies and toddlers at storytime, middle school kids hanging out after school, and teenagers meeting up to work on school projects. They’re not wrong, of course. We are a great place for kids and teens! But they’re not seeing the full picture. We’re a great place for everyone. 

Our services and resources are tailored to meet the needs of as many community members as possible. We have online resources, books, movies, audiobooks, and activities throughout the library that we have chosen because they serve individuals in our community well. 

When we interact with our patrons, our staff try to do so without judgment and without the assumption that we know what’s best. Overall, we do a good job of this, which helps make us a welcoming place where everyone, of all ages and backgrounds, can feel comfortable asking for what they need. Once we know what someone needs, we work really hard to make sure we connect them to resources that are reputable and useful. Then, ask follow-up questions to make sure we’ve answered their questions fully. 

Your Pryor Library’s mission is to “enrich lives by being a vibrant community hub.” To do so, curate our collections and services to best meet the community’s needs. But more importantly, we accomplish our mission by gladly serving the entire community to the best of our ability. That means we’re happy to see you whether you’re sleeping on a king size Sleep Number bed or on a bench at the park.

When you come to the Pryor Library, our hope is that you feel like you belong. When you leave the library, our goal is that you feel confident in the resources you’ve found and the interactions you’ve had with staff members.