Read On! Free meals

This summer, the Library’s services are a lot different from what we were able to do in previous summers. I know I’ve written similar sentences before. I’m still in the process of grieving that change and it’s often at the forefront of my mind. I’m not alone in that grief process. Recently, a librarian in […]

Read On! How to reopen

Your library staff is busy brainstorming and planning what our services will look like when we reopen. Our priority is keeping everyone – patrons and staff – safe because, while we’ve managed to flatten the curve, the virus is still out there. Please be patient with us while we figure things out. When we reopen […]

Read On! Teaching at home

I come from a long line of teachers. Well, a line of two – my mother was a middle school English teacher and my grandfather taught various subjects in the area of vocational agriculture. For a long time, I thought I also wanted to be a teacher, following in my mom’s footsteps to teach English/Language […]

Read On! New Normal

I’m writing this article while sitting in my living room with my kids. My son is playing a video game and is only slightly annoyed every time I tell him to back away from the TV screen. My daughter is playing a farm/math game on her tablet and is so excited every time the game […]