Read On! How to reopen

Your library staff is busy brainstorming and planning what our services will look like when we reopen. Our priority is keeping everyone – patrons and staff – safe because, while we’ve managed to flatten the curve, the virus is still out there.

Please be patient with us while we figure things out. When we reopen everyone will have some adjustments to make. For sure, we will continue to encourage social distancing. This means staff won’t be able to provide as much close-contact service, especially in our computer lab and with our copier. We’ll also likely have fewer computers available for patron use, so we’ll have to enforce time limits and reservations. We will continue to quarantine returned materials, so we may have some increased wait times.

Our biggest decision right now is about our Summer Reading Program. We will have a reading challenge similar to previous years, but we may not be able to offer the classes and events in the library that we’ve always done. As much as we hate it, this year, it may not be safe.

We will continue to work closely with City Hall and the Mayes County Health Department as we make these decisions. I can definitely say, we’re excited to see everyone again!

Now for some good news: we have started curbside pickup of Library materials!

Contact us (via phone, email, Facebook messenger, carrier pigeon, etc.) to place your order. Once everything is gathered and checked out to you, you can pick your materials up from the table we’ve set up in front of the main parking lot entrance.

Pickup day & times are:
Mondays 3 – 8 pm
Wednesdays 12 – 4 pm
Fridays 12 – 4 pm

We’re asking that orders be finalized two weekdays before pickup. We’ll keep an eye on the pickup table and wipe it down between patrons to make sure it’s clean and safe for everyone.