Read On! Thunderbird Youth Academy

Your library staff tries not to have favorite patrons (just like I’m sure all of you try not to have favorite librarians). I will admit, though, we definitely have a favorite day: Thunderbird Day. Twice a month, cadets from Thunderbird Youth Academy come to the library during their daily classes. Every hour, we get a […]

Read On! Libraries Make Connections

Recently, Forbes published an article suggesting libraries should be replaced by Amazon. As a librarian I find a lot wrong with that idea. More importantly, the article signifies that the author doesn’t understand what libraries do. Simply put, libraries make connections. Libraries make connections for the members of our community in four basic areas: Information […]

What we did in March

Crafting for Grown-ups

Making art is good for the soul – and it doesn’t have to be intimidating. Join us for our monthly Crafting for Grown-ups nights, when we make art that’s accessible to everyone. It’s held every third Monday at 7 pm in the Library meeting room. It’s completely free and there’s no signup required, but RSVPing […]