The time has come …

We're saying Goodbye


…to say goodbye to our beloved Library Turtle, Toby. He’s been a good and faithful friend to us and our patrons for many years, and we’re going to miss him!

But turtles keep on getting bigger, and we can’t accommodate his growing needs. Very soon Toby will be going to live in a turtle sanctuary that can give him all the space he wants, a wide and varied diet, and the company of his own turtle-kind!

So when you stop by the Library this Saturday for our Summer Reading Program Celebration, make sure to stop by Toby’s tank and wish him well. We will miss seeing Toby every day, but we know he will be living a happier and healthier life in his new home.

Summer Break

Summer Break!


No, we’re not going to the beach – but after a busy Summer Reading Program season, we’re going to take a break from Library programming for the month of August. That means no Toddler Storytime, Coloring for Grownups, or Crafting for Grownups. (Programs by Library partners, like the Mayes County Writer’s Club and Mayes County Historical Society, will go on as usual.)

So why the break? This gives Library staff a chance to regroup after a hectic summer, evaluate what worked and what didn’t, and start planning for the next 11 months of Library programming! We might even do some of those cleaning and organizing projects we’ve been putting off.