Read On! New Year Goals

Welcome to 2020! As you begin to tackle your New Year Goals list, don’t forget that your library can make your goals easier and less expensive to accomplish. We have too many resources to list here, so if I miss one of your goals, let us know and we’ll be happy to help you find […]

Read On! Weeding

One of the most difficult things for many librarians to do is weed the Library’s collection. “Weeding” in a library is just like weeding in a garden: you take stock of what you have, get rid of things you don’t need or want, thin out anything that is too crowded, and watch the garden (or […]

Read On! To reread or not to reread

Do you reread books? I find that when my life gets hectic or my stress levels creep higher and higher, I’m more likely to grab an old favorite than delve into a new world. For me, there’s comfort in reading or listening to a book again. I already know how the book makes me feel, […]

Read On! Finding good books for kids

Recently, I had a great conversation with another mom at the library about what books our kids like to read, what restrictions we place on their reading choices, and how we help them find books that make everyone happy. The other mom and I don’t have the same guidelines for our kids’ reading choices, but […]