Read On! Social Distancing

We have a new phrase in our national lexicon: “social distancing,” the act of intentionally distancing yourself from others in an effort to “flatten the curve” (another new phrase) of how rapidly COVID-19 (coronavirus) is transmitted.  As much as we love face-to-face service for our community, your Library has a wealth of options for you […]

Read On! Donations

Different libraries have different views on receiving donated materials (everyone loves cash donations). Here at your Pryor Public Library, we are excited about them! They save us money and help supply our sales and free carts.  Generally speaking, when you donate an item (book, DVD, etc), one of three things happens: If it meets our […]

Read On! Libraries are growing organisms

I have been a library user my whole life. My first library was the Vinita Public Library, then Claremore, then the massive Tulsa City-County system, not to mention various school and university libraries. As a library user, I understood how libraries work – I want or need a resource, the library either has it or […]

Read On! What do you do for a reading slump?

I am officially in a book-reading slump. For whatever reason, I can’t seem to read traditional print books right now. I get distracted by Life or daydreams and the books continue to go unread. I have a long list of things I want to read – some have been on there for a significant period […]