Read On! Reading is Reading

When you think about the act of reading for pleasure, what reading format do you picture? Most people picture someone reading a physical (usually fiction) book. I think that stereotype has done many people a disservice. If reading a physical chapter book is the only form of reading for pleasure, no wonder so many people […]

Read On! Did Not Finish

One of the hardest things I’ve done as a reader is give myself permission to put down a book – to not finish. It’s a struggle for me every time. I feel a sense of guilt like I’ve let the book down. I also fear that if I stop reading, this book that clearly isn’t […]

Read On! Summer Feeding Program

Your Pryor Public Library is partnering with the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma once again to offer free grab-and-go breakfasts and lunches for kids and teens under 18 years of age. Come on over every Tues, Wed, and Fri this summer from 9 – 1 and pick up some free food for your kids! […]

Read On! Summer Reading: Week 1

My family has begun our annual Summer Reading journey. Both kids have a time-tracker sheet where each circle marks 30 minutes of reading or listening while my spouse and I have a game board and/or a BINGO sheet to complete. (If we had teens, they would have a BINGO sheet; if we had babies, they […]