Read On! Item Locations

If you’ve used our online catalog to find materials, you’ve seen, and possibly been confused by the information in the “location” area of an item’s records. A longtime library patron pointed out to me that if *she* doesn’t know what the abbreviations mean, others may feel the same way. She’s absolutely right. Unfortunately, this information […]

Read On! We’re Open

Things are getting exciting here at your Pryor Library! Every day, we watch big machines do their jobs preparing for the foundations of our new additions. This process will take about a year to complete. It will look messy and chaotic, but we plan to be open to the public during construction. By the time […]

Read On! Staff Training Day

While the library was closed to the public for Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples’ Day, the library staff gathered for our annual Staff Training Day. It’s a day we fill with sessions to sharpen our library skills and activities to strengthen our team bond. It’s always a really fun and valuable day. This year, we explored our […]

Read On! In Praise of Book Clubs

I got to attend October’s Books & Brews Club meeting at the new Fat Toad location. It was my first Books & Brews Club meeting in quite some time thanks to my life imploding in various ways and a pause in meetings due to COVID. Despite the length of time away and the new location […]