Read On! Good Omens

Some of your Pryor Library staff have been eagerly discussing the new Amazon Prime show “Good Omens” and how it compares to the book of the same name.  We agree: both the book and the show are delightful.  The book, published in 1990, effortlessly combines the talents of its authors, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. […]

Read On! An Average Day at the Library

On an average day in May, 190 people wandered through the Library’s doors.  While they were here on that average day, they used our computers or wifi 445 times (or two times each), checked out over 150 items (or ¾ of an item each), asked 88 questions of Library staff (or ½ a question each), […]

Read On! Read In Any Format

Many years ago, back when I was a Teen Services Librarian, I told my teens signing up for Summer Reading that I didn’t care what they read during the summer. I only cared that they read something. My standard line was something like, “you can read traditional books, ebooks, audiobooks, comic books, magazines, newspapers, wordy […]

Read On: Inter-Departmental Cooperation

There are a lot of classes I wish had been available when I was in Library School. Bookshelf Assembly, How to Maximize Your Small Space, Navigating Municipal Politics, Insect Identification, and Building Maintenance are my top five. I’ve been fairly successful at learning these things on the fly, but I am beyond lucky to have […]