Read On! Safety measures revisited

COVID Cautions are a drag. I hate that we have to think about all of these things that were once automatic. Shaking hands, hugging, hanging out, going back to school. Everything we did a year ago with no second thought now has to be carefully planned and explained and justified. It’s exhausting and it’s scary. […]

Read On! Learning Express

The Learning Express Library is my favorite online resource to promote. It is both easy to promote – there are so many features that are helpful to so many different people with so many different needs and goals – and it’s difficult to promote – there are SO MANY features… To give you an example […]

Read on! New fiscal year

We’re in a new budget year at the City and the Library. It’s time to look back at the previous year and plan for the new one. We didn’t accomplish all of our goals from last year. Namely, our Technology Plan and our Disaster Plan aren’t finished. The Technology Plan is in its final stages […]

Read On! No shame

Many times when I meet someone new and they learn I’m a librarian, the two of us enter an awkward conversation where my new friend sheepishly tells me all of the terrible things they’ve ever done to a library book. They seem genuinely relieved when I tell them “these things happen” or “I’ve done worse!”   […]