Read On! Anniversary (6 Years)

Six years ago, I took a major step outside my comfort zone to become the Director of the Thomas J. Harrison Pryor Public Library. I left a 10-year career (and my first library job) at the Joplin Public Library in Joplin, MO to come back home to NE Oklahoma. In Joplin, I started at the […]

Read On! Cozy Mysteries

In search of something light and fun to read on Overdrive, I stumbled upon a new (to me) author. Ellery Adams writes cozy mysteries and has several series. A “cozy mystery” is a mystery that tends to be gentler than their gritty counterparts. Murders happen, but nothing about the crime or its solution is overly […]

Read On! Save Money. Use Your Library.

Sometimes when I’m between (or avoiding) projects, I run random reports on our library software. We library workers really like to be able to get into the nitty gritty of library usage, so our library software, Apollo, has a whole host of reports we can run. The report I ran today while I was waiting […]

Read On! Library Card Signup

Your Library staff wishes you and yours a joyous and merry National Library Card Sign-Up Month! Libraries across the country take the month of September to actively encourage community members to get signed up for library cards and take advantage of all the services we provide. You’re paying for these services every time you buy […]