Read On! Streaming options

When my daughter was at home sick recently, I had a moment when I couldn’t take another episode of “Captain Underpants” or “Pinky Malinky” so I turned to the library for help. Luckily, the library has two streaming options for those in a similar situation. Our Tumblebooks Library features video adaptations of many picture books, […]

Read On! Greed in Publishing

Patrons who use our ebook library are about to be frustrated with our service. I sincerely apologize. All 8,000 public library systems offering ebooks are trying to find a solution. Ebooks are sold differently than their physical counterparts. When we buy a physical book, the library owns it. We can add it to our collection, […]

How to Change your Font in Overdrive

Dyslexic-friendly fonts can make reading easier – and now they’re available for ebooks downloaded through the Library’s online library using Overdrive! To switch fonts in the Overdrive app, touch the Settings button. Then touch Font Style. Then select the font you want and go back to reading your ebook! If you’re new to the online […]

Read On! Traveling Library

Last week I got to travel to Chicago for a kickoff meeting for a national study on library broadband measurement. I like everything about the idea of flying – the rush of takeoff, the feel of the plane as the magic of “lift” keeps us from plummeting to our doom, the exhilaration of landing such […]