Read On! Strategic Plan Update

  Back in October, I mentioned in this column that the library is working on our strategic plan. Back then, I said the goal was to have the plan written by the end of November and to begin implementation at the first of the year. The year we just started. Oh, what a young, naive […]

Read On! Bullet Journals

Bullet journaling, habit tracking, and life planning are all terms for the popular phenomena of using good old fashioned pen and paper to keep track of your life. Whatever you call it or whatever kind of vessel you use, designing templates to track various aspects of our lives is a big deal right now. I […]

Read On! The Five Laws

In 1931, Dr. S. R. Ranganathan proposed the Five Laws of Library Science. There have been several adaptations along the way, but I tend to like the original: Books are for use Every reader his/her book Every book its reader Save the time of the reader The library is a growing organism I think about […]

Read On! Chicago Revisited

I got to go to Chicago a few weeks ago to attend the Participatory Design Workshop for the Measuring Library Broadband Networks study (which is to say, we had a meeting to help the researchers focus and design their study so the results will be the most useful to libraries across the nation). The participants […]