Read On! General Update (and puppies)

Your Library and your Library Director are busy right now! We just had our first staff training day, we’re wrapping up the information gathering portion of our strategic planning, I’m preparing for a trip to Chicago to be part of a study on library bandwidth, and my family is fostering two adorable puppies from the […]

Read On! Anniversary

On Friday, I celebrated my third anniversary as the director of the Thomas J. Harrison Pryor Public Library. When I applied for the position, I told my husband, “It’ll be good practice.” Having worked at my previous library for over ten years, I knew I needed practice at professional interviewing before I started submitting my […]

Read On! Pop Culture Libraries

  I love when the shows and movies we watch or the books we read include visits to the library. It’s fun to see my profession and my passion reflected in popular culture. It’s also fun to complain about what they get wrong or preen about how some visits to the library help the heroes […]

Read On! Freedom To Read

Of all the myriad documents produced by the American Library Association (ALA), the Freedom to Read Statement is my favorite. Originally issued in May, 1953 it is an incredibly powerful and fist-pumping read. It starts with the assertion: “The freedom to read is essential to our democracy” and end with my favorite line: “Freedom itself […]