Read On! Thankfulness Season

It’s the Thankfulness Season! I am thankful for so many things – the things I have and the opportunities I have been given – but mostly, I’m thankful for the people who make all of that meaningful. My Library Life thankfulness list goes like this:

I’m thankful for the Library’s staff. They are a group of dedicated and kind people who work hard to serve our community well. They come up with great ideas for programs, events, and services and they are excellent at developing those ideas into reality. I am so lucky to work with them.

I’m thankful for the Library’s Board of Trustees. They help keep the Library focused on community needs, give me valuable feedback about my leadership and vision, and are just as passionate about the Library’s success as anyone on staff. They dedicate so much more time and energy than what’s required of the few hours we meet each month. We are a better Library because of them.

I’m thankful for the staff at City Hall. Without them, nothing in the City would function properly. These fine people make it possible for all other City departments to do our jobs. They handle our payroll, pay our bills, walk us through benefits choices and changes, and offer support well beyond their job descriptions.

Lastly, I’m thankful for the community members of Pryor and Mayes County. You are, quite literally, the Library’s reason for being. I’m thankful for the community members who regularly use the library’s services, those who offer feedback and suggestions, those who quietly (and not-so-quietly) cheer us on, and those who haven’t yet discovered how amazing all the libraries in Mayes County are.

The Pryor Library will be closed Thurs – Sat for Thanksgiving. May your holiday be filled with enough food on your table and more love than you know what to do with.

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