Read On! Vol. 130: Change & Transitions

September 14, 2020

Read On! Change & Transitions


“You could not step twice into the same river” is a quote from Plato summarizing Heraclitus’ philosophy of change. The Persian adage “and this, too, shall pass away” is probably a more familiar way to express the same sentiment: Change is inevitable.

Knowing change is destined to come doesn’t make it any easier though. The transition between one set of circumstances to another is a challenge. And when change is not a good thing, the situation can feel hopeless and overwhelming. 

Luckily, if you’re experiencing a change in your life, someone has written a book or article about it or created a Facebook group for it. Better still, your library can help you find and access those resources so you can equip yourself with knowledge and take comfort that you are not alone. 

Our catalog is pretty easy to search and will show items we have in the building and items available to download. We’ve got catalog computers set up in the lobby and by the Youth Services desk. You can also go to our webpage ( to search from home. 

Our staff is happy to guide you through your search in person or over the phone if you’re comfortable with that. We are bound by law and ethics to keep your information needs private. 

If the library doesn’t own a resource you need, hope is not lost. We may be able to get it through our inter-library loan (ILL) service (which costs $3 for postage). We have access to hundreds of library collections and Jacinda, who is in charge of our ILLs, is gifted at finding hard to find titles. 

We also have free wi-fi and free access to internet computers you can use. If you need help navigating a computer we can help with that as well. Mac and the ladies who work at the checkout desk are patient and kind teachers.

Times are weird and change is hard. The library can help.