Read On: Better Than Amazon

I learned this weekend that Amazon has a subscription book box available for the kids in your life. For the low-low price of $20 per box, you can order books (four board books or two hardbacks) for children ages 0 to 12. The big bonuses for the subscription are that you’re getting the books at […]

Read On: Kids in the Library

When school is closed but the library isn’t, I always have to refresh my memory on library policy regarding children in the building. Now that my son is old enough, by library policy, not to need me by his side while he’s in the building, it’s more difficult to say “no” to his requests to […]

Read On: Statistics

  At the second City Council meeting of the month and at the Library’s Board of Trustees meeting, I always give a report on our library statistics. Generally speaking, I report the same statistics each month but this month, I reported two statistics I don’t normally touch on: the number of items added to the […]

Read On! Late for LEGOs

I was late submitting my article for this week. So late, in fact that Terry had to email me to make sure I hadn’t disappeared from Pryor. While, the first part of January has been unusually busy for me, mostly with meetings, I can’t honestly use that as an excuse for my tardiness. In all […]