Read On! Thunderbird Youth Academy

Your library staff tries not to have favorite patrons (just like I’m sure all of you try not to have favorite librarians). I will admit, though, we definitely have a favorite day: Thunderbird Day. Twice a month, cadets from Thunderbird Youth Academy come to the library during their daily classes. Every hour, we get a […]

The Library will be closed for Veterans Day

  Our building will be closed November 12th, but our digital library is always open!

Read On! Traveling Library

Last week I got to travel to Chicago for a kickoff meeting for a national study on library broadband measurement. I like everything about the idea of flying – the rush of takeoff, the feel of the plane as the magic of “lift” keeps us from plummeting to our doom, the exhilaration of landing such […]

Read On! Good Searching

One of the things we talked about at our Staff Training Day a few weeks ago was the importance of good search terms. Whether you’re using one of our online resources like EBSCO or you’re feeling lucky with a Google search, this advice applies to everyone searching for information online. My example for the staff […]