Read On! In Praise of Book Clubs

I got to attend October’s Books & Brews Club meeting at the new Fat Toad location. It was my first Books & Brews Club meeting in quite some time thanks to my life imploding in various ways and a pause in meetings due to COVID. Despite the length of time away and the new location […]

Read On! Anniversary (6 Years)

Six years ago, I took a major step outside my comfort zone to become the Director of the Thomas J. Harrison Pryor Public Library. I left a 10-year career (and my first library job) at the Joplin Public Library in Joplin, MO to come back home to NE Oklahoma. In Joplin, I started at the […]

Read On! Cozy Mysteries

In search of something light and fun to read on Overdrive, I stumbled upon a new (to me) author. Ellery Adams writes cozy mysteries and has several series. A “cozy mystery” is a mystery that tends to be gentler than their gritty counterparts. Murders happen, but nothing about the crime or its solution is overly […]

Read On! Save Money. Use Your Library.

Sometimes when I’m between (or avoiding) projects, I run random reports on our library software. We library workers really like to be able to get into the nitty gritty of library usage, so our library software, Apollo, has a whole host of reports we can run. The report I ran today while I was waiting […]