Read On! Banned Book Week

The American Library Association and libraries across the nation observe “Banned Book Week” during the last week in September. This is a week where we celebrate our freedom to read and our ability to freely access information – two things libraries fight diligently for. 

Libraries actively fight challenges and bans on the books we offer our communities because we strongly believe that each reader (or their parent) is responsible for determining what is best for them to read. No one else should be making that decision for our readers.

To that end, our staff works very hard to keep our personal biases in check when selecting materials for the Library. We pay attention to the best sellers lists, what our patrons check out, what patrons request that we purchase, and potential gaps in our collection to make purchasing decisions with as much information as possible. We don’t have the budget or the space to buy all the books everyone in the community might want to read, but we do our best to have enough to satisfy most everyone. 

If someone needs an item that we don’t have and that we can’t purchase, we offer inter-library loan (ILL). Through our ILL service, we ask other libraries to lend us items to let our patrons borrow. There’s a small postage fee of $3 per item, but we have had excellent luck getting what our patrons ask for. Some items have even come from the Library of Congress itself! 

As you go about your normal business this week, keep in mind that your library is fighting for your freedom to read and access information every day. If you have time, take a few minutes to visit a library and celebrate with us. If you head over to the Locust Grove Public Library, check out their new bike rack and the entry requirements for their pumpkin decorating contest!