Read On! Books & Their Movies

I love comparing books with the movies or TV shows that they inspire. My current favorite comparison is with the show “Trollhunters” and the book by the same name. Inspired by the book “Trollhunters” written by Guillermo del Toro and Daniel Kraus, Netflix created a TV show of the same name. It and the spin-off […]

Read On! Summer Reads

It was a summer full of reading for your Pryor library staff. Here’s a short list of the books we enjoyed most this summer: For Fiction Readers:   “Cold Earth” by Ann Cleeves (found in adult fiction) is the latest in Cleeves’ “Shetland” series. The series is set in Scotland’s Shetland Islands and follows detective […]

Read On! Fitness & Food

This year is going so quickly! Here we are in May. If you’re like many, May means the sudden realization that summer is coming. And summer coming means reevaluating that hastily made New Year’s resolution. You know the one. How’s it going? Yep. Me too. If you want to reinvigorate a long-term goal of getting […]

But wait, there’s more

“Happiness is finding the first good book in a series, and knowing there are more to follow,” says a graphic we found on Facebook. That’s true, but so is the reverse: sadness is reaching the end of a series and knowing that it’s over, finito, the end. Of course, it never completely has to be the […]