Read On! New Years Goals

We’ve made it to the last week of 2021! Hooray! I am cautiously optimistic about the new year. The Library will see a lot of positive changes (mostly with the building) in the coming year that we’re all very excited about.

A new year often brings new goals and 2022 is no different. The Library will publish its next strategic plan in July. This will set down our goals for the next three years as well as the path we anticipate taking to accomplish those goals. (We’ll be asking for community input on these goals soon)

For personal goal-setting, I’ve decided to try some reading goals for the first time. I am a slow reader, an inconsistent reader, and a busy human, so reading goals have been intimidating for me. This year, I’m setting goals while keeping in mind that they’re something to aim for and there are only things to gain from trying to accomplish them.

My biggest reading goal for 2022 is simply to keep track of what I read. I will use two tools to help me do this: my Library accounts and an app called TheStorygraph. (Lots of people use journals instead of apps. I admire their dedication.)

Both our Library system and Overdrive keep a history of what patrons check out. I have mine set to remember everything forever, but you can tweak your settings to have the system forget after a certain period of time or not to keep track at all. If you need help finding these settings, let us know.

TheStorygraph is similar to GoodReads (you can even import your GoodReads info). It was founded by Nadia Odunayo and her team who have nothing to do with Amazon. I like that about them. It is a new site/app so there are some kinks to work out, but overall I am very pleased with it.

Be sure to let us know if you have any reading (or other) goals for 2022 and if we can help you accomplish them!

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