Read On! Vol. 151 Digital Library Holds

Our digital library is one of our best-used services, especially right now. We belong to a consortium of Oklahoma libraries, the OK Virtual Library, that bands together to purchase ebooks, downloadable audiobooks, streaming videos, and digital magazines through Overdrive (aka Libby). The consortium owns about 64,000 titles that its almost 16,000 users can check out […]

Read On! Internet Connectivity

I’m writing this article from my dining room table that has been draped in blankets to make the perfect “study fort” for my daughter. She is at home on quarantine. This is our second class-wide quarantine for our kids (one each) and our fifth total quarantine since May. We have been exceedingly lucky that we […]

Read On! Retellings

When Life feels out of control or unpredictable, rereading favorite books is a source of comfort to me. It feels like old friends settling in for a nice, long visit. Afterward, I feel recharged and better able to face the unpredictability of the real world. Recently, I discovered that retellings offer similar comfort. With retellings, […]

Read On! Spotting Lies in Information

We do a lot of research during family conversations at my house. Having correct information on a subject helps ensure we all start from the same place of knowledge and understanding. The internet can be a treacherous place because there’s an avalanche of information ready to come crashing down after a single search. We all […]