Read On! What the Rerats are reading

We’re doing a lot of reading in my house right now. With two adults and two children at home all the time, we’re finding it more and more necessary to have some quiet, alone time. 

I just finished “Fear Nothing” by Dean Koontz, a well-written mystery set in a small California town. Christopher Snow, moments after his father’s death at the local hospital, accidentally witnesses two men and the town’s mortician switching his father’s body for a stranger’s. As he follows the trail to figure out the whos and whys, he discovers that his small town is not the sleepy coastal town he has always known. 

“Fear Nothing” is a good pick for anyone who likes some science fiction with their mysteries.

My son is listening to “Minecraft: The Island” by Max Brooks. He is having a good time with it. We’ve played the Minecraft game for a few years, so I think he enjoys being plunged into a world he is so familiar with. Plus, he knows some of the answers to the questions and problems the main character encounters, which always “makes a reader feel smart,” he says.  

My daughter is listening to the first “Captain Underpants” book by Dav Pilkey. A connoisseur of the show, she too is delighting in reading a book that’s familiar to her. She thinks George and Harold, the main characters, are hilarious and wishes they were in her class. 

All of these titles are available through Overdrive, our digital library. If you need help using it, give us a call or send us an email. We’re still available to help!