Read On! We’re Open

Things are getting exciting here at your Pryor Library! Every day, we watch big machines do their jobs preparing for the foundations of our new additions. This process will take about a year to complete. It will look messy and chaotic, but we plan to be open to the public during construction.

By the time the dust has cleared and construction is complete, the building will look vastly different than it does right now. We’ll have five new areas, one remodel, and a new roofline.

Staff are getting a new kitchen and break area, two new offices, and a remodel to make the current office area functional. We are probably the only ones excited about this piece of the project.

Slightly more exciting for everyone else will be two new meeting rooms on the east end of the building. The meeting rooms can combine into a mega meeting room for all our mega meeting needs! We’ll also have three single-occupancy bathrooms in this area.

Rounding the southeast corner of the building onto the Graham Ave. side, we’ll have a makerspace. If you’re unfamiliar with makerspaces, think “industrial craft room” – a space dedicated to making things. Our Legacy Lab that converts older media into newer, digital media and our podcasting equipment will be housed in this area too.

Just west of the makerspace is the much anticipated museum room that will feature Bill Rabbit’s painted pony. In addition to the horse, we’ll display some of the art we currently have as well as rotating exhibits.

Lastly, on the west side of our Graham Ave. entrance we’ll have four study rooms equipped to handle small meetings and individuals.

If you’re more of a visual person, come to the Library and check out the rough floor plan at any public service desk. We’re sure our community will be proud of the work that’s being done here.