Read On! This is your library

When you come in next time, you’ll probably notice that the staff is sporting fancy new name badges. Our previous name badges were fine, but these feature our logo and our slogan, “This is your library.” (Some of the staff even have the slogan in different languages!)

That phrase was well-rooted when I first started and I appreciated the sentiment very much. I loved that we use it as our greeting when we answer the library’s phone and I felt like it was a good, succinct way to tell our community where our focus lies. 

After working here for a while, getting to know our community, and getting to know a lot of the people who make up our community, our slogan has a deeper meaning for me than it did almost four years ago. Now, I understand a little better why the staff and administration before me worked hard to make that slogan part of the culture of our library. 

On the surface, of course this is your library. You shop in Pryor so you pay sales tax, which funds our City’s General Fund and that’s where the library gets its budget. Without you, there literally would be no library. But when we say “This is your library,” we mean more than “hey, thanks for shopping local!” We mean, “You are welcome here. You have a place here. We’d love to help you find what you need.” 

Do you need help and don’t know where to start? This is your library. Do you need to find quality research for your paper or project? This is your library. Have you run out of things to read? This is your library. Do you want to learn how to read better? Do you want to learn how to speak English or another language? This is your library. Do you need a place to be without having to buy something? This is your library. 

Our slogan is more than ritual language to us. This is your library and we’re so happy you’re here.