Read On! Summer Reading: Week 1

My family has begun our annual Summer Reading journey. Both kids have a time-tracker sheet where each circle marks 30 minutes of reading or listening while my spouse and I have a game board and/or a BINGO sheet to complete. (If we had teens, they would have a BINGO sheet; if we had babies, they would get an activity board.) We have book prizes for babies, kids, and teens and prize drawings for everyone.

The fun thing about reading with the Pryor Library is that we consider everything you can read and every format in which you can read valid for our Summer Reading Program. In fact, you’re reading RIGHT NOW! If you have our BINGO sheet, read this sentence out loud and you’ve just crossed off one square! If you’re listening to music right now? Another square!

We count time for our younger readers (age 5-11) instead of making it a game because we want to reward the effort of reading. So, 30 minutes of reading is 30 minutes whether they’re reading comics, audiobooks, or cereal boxes. Most importantly, 30 minutes of struggling to read is just as valuable as 30 minutes of fluent reading.

The event portions of our Summer Reading Program begin this week. All month long, we’re encouraging our community to participate in our Virtual Pet Parade. Take a picture or a short video of your pet(s) and share it with us on Facebook or Instagram. We’ll have a post you can reply to on Facebook or you can tag us in your photo on Instagram.

Also, this week, come in and grab our Grab & Go Craft. You’ll receive supplies to create a velvet canvas masterpiece. The canvas has a pre-made design with velvet on all areas meant to be black. You can use sand or markers to make it your own. We have a limited supply of our Grab & Go Crafts, so you’ll want to come in quickly to pick yours up.

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