Read On! Summer Reading

It’s here! It’s here! Summer Reading is here! We have something fun for everyone!

Summer is our busiest time of year and we’re so excited to be able to present a program that’s closer to normal (lingering pandemic and construction projects limit what we can do for events).

We’re bringing back our normal reading portion of Summer Reading where we gamify reading (and listening) to encourage everyone to read all summer. We do this by giving participants game boards, BINGO sheets, or time-trackers to complete in order to earn prizes.

Studies show that when students spend about 20 minutes per day reading (or listening) they retain more of the things they learned in the previous school year and avoid the “summer slide.” Preventing the summer slide sets kids up to be successful the following school year, which snowballs into other future successes.

Summer Reading also consists of events sponsored by the library. This year, our events are a mix of in-person events (held outside), online events, and grab-and-go crafts.

Each event has a suggested age based on interest and difficulty level, but everyone is welcome. You can find our summer reading brochure on our website ( to get the full list of event dates and times. You will also receive a brochure when you register for summer reading in the library.

Registration officially begins Tuesday, May 25th with events beginning June 1st. Summer Reading will culminate with our ending celebration on July 29th. All game boards, BINGO sheets, and time trackers are due before the ending celebration.

Don’t forget to come in to see our exhibit on the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. The 100th anniversary is May 31st and June 1st. The exhibit, which discusses both the Massacre and the Greenwood District, is in our computer lab.

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