Read On! Series Reading

July 18, 2022

My series reading is less focused than it was when I discovered R.L. Stine’s “Fear Street” books. Then, I was riveted by their lightning-fast pace and thriller plots. Now, I tend to read the first book or two in a series and then move on to something else. Even so, I get irritated when I start a series by accident and even more so if the series I accidentally started reading isn’t complete yet! 

My most recent accidental series is “Whispering Pines,” a middle grade paranormal horror by Heidi Lang and Kati Bartowski. At about the ⅔ mark in the book, I realized the authors had way too many loose ends to tie them all up in the last part of the book. Turns out it’s the first of three books with the third not due out until the fall. 

I fell victim to a classic reading blunder: I chose a book for its interesting jacket summary and creepy cover without thinking about what I might be getting into – a compelling, but unfinished series. For you more careful readers, the Library has some good tools for series readers. Especially when you know you’re reading a series. 

First, the staff will always look up titles for you to determine the series and the book order. If you’d rather not ask staff, Google is pretty good at compiling online information for popular series to give you the right order. Also we use Goodreads and the authors’ websites. Second, we’re in the midst of a project to redo spine labels in the adult fiction area to reflect the series and order on the spine. Lastly, if you’re reading young adult books, open the book to find the series listed on a paper taped inside the front cover. 

If you or your pre-teen happen to like paranormal horror and don’t mind waiting, “Whispering Pines” did not disappoint! I’m about to track down book two and will likely wait for book three.