Read On! Praise for Summer Reading

We had a lot of unknowns when planning this year’s Summer Reading program. Generally, the goal is to have the bulk of things planned and booked by the end of February. At that point, COVID was still hitting us pretty hard, vaccines were just getting to people, and we had no idea when construction would begin on our building. Lilly, Autumn, and the youth services staff had a lot to deal with as they planned (and I was not much help)!

I could not be more pleased with what they put together! They decided to prepare for about 165 people to register for the reading portion of our program – a little more than we had in 2020, but less than we had in 2019. They also, wisely, planned virtual and grab-and-go programs to accompany a few in-person events.

What an amazing turnout we’ve had so far! As of this writing, we have 312 people from all over Mayes and Rogers Counties registered. We’ve also had amazing turnouts for all of the June events! So far, we’ve hosted five events for adults and teens with about 89 people in attendance total. Our six events for kids have had a total of 540 participants!

We have even more fun to look forward to in July with a mobile dairy, sling rockets, an Animal Crossing-themed virtual escape room, and more crafts! It’s also not too late to register for Summer Reading. Kids and teens earn books and entries for a grand prize. Adults are entered into a drawing for several prizes, including a gift card to the Book Exchange.

This week, PageTurner Adventures has a new adventure on our Facebook page. We’ve got a craft that goes with it and an additional free-for-all craft bag. The craft bag could be just about anything, but it’s sure to be fun. Autumn will be on Facebook and Instagram with storytime on Wednesday and First Chapter Friday on Friday.

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