Read On! New Fiscal Year

July 5, 2022

Happy fiscal year 2022/2023, everyone! It’s going to be a full year for your Pryor Library!

The biggest thing in store for us is moving back into our building (we’re hoping we can open before the first of the year). I cannot tell you how ready we are to be settled into a permanent place and resume some sense of normalcy. Our work lives have been in flux for one reason or another since we closed for the pandemic in March, 2020.

We’re also starting a new strategic plan this fiscal year with a focus on finishing the things from the last plan that were disrupted by the pandemic and construction as well as rebuilding our services and community reach to where they were (or better) in 2019. 

Later this month, we’ll finalize the review of our library policies as required by the State. Right now, we’re only updating our operating hours and a few other little things. We will revisit the policy manual once we’re settled back into our building to address the new additions – two new meeting rooms, a makerspace, an art museum, and four study rooms. We’d like to see how these additions will be used before we start making definitive decisions about them. 

One thing that will not change is our mission statement/statement of purpose.

“The mission of the Thomas J. Harrison Pryor Public Library is to enrich lives by being a vibrant community hub that stimulates imagination, satisfies curiosity, promotes literacy, and builds relationships through our collections, services, and staff.

In fulfilling its mission, the Library will provide information without bias or discrimination. The Library will also actively promote and encourage the use of its services, collection, and facility.”

Please let us know if you have suggestions on how we can improve services to accomplish our mission and purpose.