Read On! Library Card Signup

Your Library staff wishes you and yours a joyous and merry National Library Card Sign-Up Month!

Libraries across the country take the month of September to actively encourage community members to get signed up for library cards and take advantage of all the services we provide. You’re paying for these services every time you buy something in town, so you might as well use them!

Mayes County has five independent libraries (Chouteau, Langley, Locust Grove, Pryor, and Salina) who actively work to serve every county resident. If you live in Mayes County, your library card (along with all the privileges that card grants you) at any of these libraries is free.

I can’t speak directly for our four sister libraries, but I can say that getting a library card is pretty much the same everywhere. Specifically in Pryor, you’ll need to bring in a photo ID and a piece of mail that has your current mailing address on it. There’s a short form to fill out, then you’re set up. You’ll get your library card the day you sign up.

Your library card is your key to accessing everything we offer. Pryor offers more than 33,000 physical items (books, audiobooks, movies, comics, magazines, etc.) and almost 72,000 digital items (books, audiobooks, magazines, and videos). We also have online resources that can help you find a job, learn a school subject, study for an entrance exam, learn a new language, chart your family tree, and more.

Of course, you’re welcome to browse our physical collection, use our computers, and access our wifi without signing up for a card. To do so, you have to come to the library and stay in the building. It’s a nice building with a nice staff, but a card lets you take physical materials home and grants you access to our online resources anywhere you have internet access.