Read On! Libby-aided discovery

May 10, 2022

One of my new favorite things about reading audiobooks on Libby is discovering new (to me) authors. 

The search features in Libby takes some getting used to. Use “preferences” if you want specific search features (like format and availability) to be selected for all your searches. I don’t like to wait for materials, so my searches only show things that are “available now.” Use “refine” to narrow your search by audience, subject/genre, etc. 

By refining to “mystery,” “fantasy,” and “humor” I found “Inspector Hobbes and the Blood” by Wilkie Martin. It’s a wonderfully narrated mystery. Andy, an inept reporter, gets assigned to follow Inspector Hobbes for potential newspaper stories. Hobbes is not your average officer which means Andy finds himself in situations that terrify him and sometimes make him vomit. Yet he is also strangely at home with the people he meets. Even the ones he suspects are not human. (This is the first book of the “Unhuman” series.) 

Refining to “mystery,” “thriller,” and “suspense” I found “The Shadows” by Alex North. In this book, we meet Paul Adams twenty-five years after Charlie Crabtree, Paul’s sometimes friend, brutally murdered another friend and classmate. Paul has returned home to be with his dying mother, but cannot escape the memories that made him leave a quarter of a century ago. Everything becomes more intense for Paul when he realizes Detective Amanda Beck is in town investigating a murder that seems to have been inspired by Charlie. 

I’m very pleased with both reads and would never have stumbled onto them without Libby. I’m planning to explore both authors’ other works this summer.

If you need help with Libby’s search features, let us know. Or, if you prefer a more human-based recommendation for your next read, we’d love to help with that too!