Read On! Learning Express

Man with headphones studying

The Learning Express Library is my favorite online resource to promote. It is both easy to promote – there are so many features that are helpful to so many different people with so many different needs and goals – and it’s difficult to promote – there are SO MANY features…

To give you an example of the wide variety of resources available in Learning Express, recently, I promoted it to a National Guard recruiter as a way for her recruits to study for and practice the ASVAB test, I promoted it to my friend whose child is going into 5th grade and is feeling insecure about their math skills, and I promoted it to my family member who is thinking of a career change and wants to explore her options. 

Not only does Learning Express have study guides and practice tests for the ASVAB, it has study guides and practice tests for just about any standardized test you’re likely to encounter in high school or college. Even the GED/HiSET, CLEP tests, and AP tests are covered. If you create an account, you can track your progress as you study. 

Learning Express also has skill-building resources for math and language arts beginning at the 4th grade level and going through high school. It can serve as both a review and a teaching tool for students of all ages. I worked on the algebra lessons for a while and didn’t hate it as much as I did in high school! 

The Job & Career Accelerator portion of Learning Express offers overviews of different careers as well as guides for exams associated with those careers. It will help you build a resume and cover letter as well as offering a way to job search through

To explore Learning Express, grab your library card and go Under the “Use the Library” tab, click the “Research & Resources” link. Scroll down until you see the light bulb.