Read On: Inter-Departmental Cooperation

There are a lot of classes I wish had been available when I was in Library School. Bookshelf Assembly, How to Maximize Your Small Space, Navigating Municipal Politics, Insect Identification, and Building Maintenance are my top five.

I’ve been fairly successful at learning these things on the fly, but I am beyond lucky to have the support of the other City Departments in Pryor. Now matter how crazy my questions or requests, I know that the other Department Heads and their staff are ready and willing to help the Library.

When the Library Board and I wanted a defibrillator and CPR training for the staff, the Fire Department offered to order what we need and get us certified. The Street Department loaned us a paint sprayer and the help using it when we painted the staff kitchen. The Parks Department mows our grass and keeps our trees trimmed. The Police Department, in addition to coming whenever we need them, is always ready to get into trouble with us. The Recreation Center is never shy about partnering with us for programs or to banter ideas. City Hall gets to hear my voice on the phone more than any other department and they’re always so kind about my endless questions. (We haven’t collaborated with the Golf Course yet, but we’ll think of something.)

The bottom line is that without the other departments in Pryor, our library wouldn’t be as successful as it is. We are so grateful!

Don’t miss our events this week!

Monday at 6:30 PM: Yoga with Annie for grown-ups. Bring a yoga mat or beach towel.

Tuesday at 10 AM and 2 PM: An original, life-sized game of “Interstellar Pioneers” for ages 5-11. Think “Oregon Trail” in space.

Wednesday at 10:30 AM: Toddler Storytime Class for ages 0-4.

Thursday at 6:30 PM: A more advanced version of “Interstellar Pioneers” for ages 12-18.