Read On! First Chapter Friday

We have a new online program from our awesome Youth Services Department! In addition to storytime on Wednesday mornings through our Facebook page, you can now find “First Chapter Friday” videos for older kids! Every week, Autumn, our Youth Services Librarian or her staff choose a chapter book from our Youth Services Department and read the first chapter. It’s a fun, easy way to discover new books to read.

Speaking of books from our Youth Services Department, somewhere in my house is a copy of “Junie B. Jones” that belongs to the library. It is very seriously overdue. I’m pretty sure it’s in my kids’ room, but between toys, the ruins of both study forts and sadness forts, plus the general “we’ve been home for SO LONG” mayhem, I have no idea where to start looking. My kids swear they can’t find it, so it’s either gone forever or I’ll find it in the first three minutes when I finally get serious about looking.

Luckily, the library staff won’t judge me if/when I admit defeat and pay for its replacement. The lack of judgement isn’t just a perk of working at the library. Between our 13 staff members, we’ve damaged and/or lost our fair share of library materials. Not all of us have a material misadventure story to tell, but most of us have at least one. Those of us with kids and pets have plenty enough to go around!

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, have no fear and certainly no shame. Just let us know what happened and we’ll work together to make it right. In all honesty, we’d rather have our materials back in usable condition than take your money. We understand that when you borrow library materials they become part of your Life while you have them. Sometimes Life will happen all over those library materials. Let us know and we’ll figure it out together.