Read On! Cozy Mysteries

September 20, 2021

In search of something light and fun to read on Overdrive, I stumbled upon a new (to me) author. Ellery Adams writes cozy mysteries and has several series. A “cozy mystery” is a mystery that tends to be gentler than their gritty counterparts. Murders happen, but nothing about the crime or its solution is overly graphic. They usually take place in small towns with an amateur detective who often has a specific skill or job that is heavily represented in the books.

Adams’s characters tend to be bookish, which I enjoy. After reading “The Secret, Book, and Scones Society” ebook, I felt a connection with Nora, the main character and ended up ordering this series from the Book Exchange. Nora is a former librarian who now owns a bookstore in a small town known for its healing hot springs. Like many stores in town that offer specialty items or services, Nora offers “bibliotherapy” in her bookstore. She listens to a customer’s story, then recommends books to help them on their healing journey. The books she recommends are pretty good, too!

For another bookish mystery series, check out the “Aurora Teagarden” series by Charlaine Harris. There is also a movie series based on these books.

If you like your characters to have furry helpers, try Rita Mae Brown’s “Mrs. Murphy” series. The main character has the help of a cat and a welsh corgi. Another good animal series is the Lilian Jackson Braun “The Cat Who…” series.

If you want some tasty food with your crime-solving, try Joanne Fluke’s “Hannah Swenson” series. Fluke’s writing is not my favorite and her mysteries aren’t always that mysterious, but they’re fun reads and the recipes look delicious!

One I’ve just put on my “To Read” list is “Windsor Knot” by S.J. Bennett. The Queen of England solves the mystery in this one! I can’t wait!