Read On! Back to School

I always loved the beginning of the new school year when I was younger. It was like the January New Year in a way – a fresh start. I’d set goals, color code my classes with notebooks, and vow not to procrastinate on my assignments. Much like New Year’s resolutions, about halfway through the first semester, I’d abandon all goals, codes, and vows to wing it the rest of the year.

I got through school fairly well, so it must not have been too bad of a system. Of course, now that my kids are in school, I’m trying to teach them better habits. If our progress continues at this rate, we’ll have some really organized students from my family line in a few generations.

The Library is getting into the Back to School spirit by planning for our Fall block of programming that begins in Sept. Covid makes things complicated, so everything you’re about to read may change as the situation with Covid changes.

As of this writing, our plan is to offer one in-person storytime each month and one in-person teen night each month. We’re planning to host everything outside and do everything we can to make the events as safe as possible (like having masks available for those who want them). Events for adults are being discussed, but nothing is set in stone yet. Again, Covid makes things tricky.

What is set in stone is that our perpetual book sale is coming back! Look for it later this month in the vestibule on the South (Graham Ave.) side of the building. We’ve been saving books up all summer, so you’ll want to come check it out. Paperbacks are $0.10; Hardbacks are $0.25; DVDs and other media are $0.25.

The money we get from book sales goes back to the Library to pay for events, new books, and other Library needs.

In Staff news: Be sure to congratulate Jordan on his latest step to becoming a pilot!

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