Read On! Art In the Library

Pryor is not the only public library to house a permanent art collection. In fact, enough libraries have museum-quality collections that there are associations and publications dedicated to educating and serving library staff working with art collections.

Now that the Pryor Library will officially feature a museum room for art as part of the expansion and remodeling project, I am eager to learn more from the professionals who work with library art collections. The potential we are creating with this room and the rest of our expansion project is exciting for Pryor and Mayes County.

Our current art collection contains just over 30 pieces – paintings and sculptures – throughout the building. Once the new room is complete, our art collection will grow and will need more care and attention. I am very excited about partnering with Traci Rabbit and local organizations like the Pryor Area Arts and Humanities Council to help curate our collection and display it well. I am also hopeful to partner with and learn from larger organizations like the Gilcrease and Philbrook museums in Tulsa.

This project is one our community will be proud of for generations to come. Of course, you don’t have to wait for construction on the museum room to be complete to enjoy our art collection. Next time you’re in, be sure to look around at what we have now. My favorite pieces are the bust of Lincoln by Willard Stone (donated by the Epsilon Sigma Alpha sorority in 1961) that’s in our Computer Lab and the painting “Shaman” by Mike Daniel (donated by Bill and Karen Rabbit in 1993) that’s hanging around the corner from the Adult Checkout Desk.

We’re wrapping up our Summer Reading Program this week! Don’t miss our ending celebration on Thursday from 6:00 to 7:30 pm in the green space across from the library.

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