Read On! Fitness & Food

This year is going so quickly! Here we are in May. If you’re like many, May means the sudden realization that summer is coming. And summer coming means reevaluating that hastily made New Year’s resolution. You know the one. How’s it going? Yep. Me too.

If you want to reinvigorate a long-term goal of getting healthier, your library has you covered. From books about exercise and nutrition to cookbooks that will get you out of a cooking rut (or inspire you to start cooking with all the fruits and veggies coming into season), our collection is a good place to get inspiration.

Our staff will always help you find what you need, but if you’d like a place to start browsing, head over to the nonfiction collection. Generally speaking, diet and nutrition books are shelved at 613.2 while exercise plans are at 613.7. “Learning to Breathe Fire,” a book about Crossfit, is on my short list of things to check out.

For inspiration in the kitchen, check out 641.5. That’s where the cookbooks live. My spring project is to check out cookbooks and copy recipes for my personal library. “101 One-Dish Dinners” is my current favorite, but I’m pretty sure “300 Slow Cooker Favorites” will move up the list soon.

The above Dewey Decimal numbers will get you started, but it’s worth browsing beyond those general numbers in order to catch books that have a more specific focus. If you’re looking for something particular like the Paleo diet or cooking for diabetes, it’s worth asking staff or checking our catalog to save you some time.

You can access our catalog by going to and clicking “Search the Library.” Our ebooks and downloadable audiobooks will come up in your searches too, so don’t forget about Overdrive.

Always remember: the best way to have a beach body is to take your body to the beach.