Read On! The Five Laws

In 1931, Dr. S. R. Ranganathan proposed the Five Laws of Library Science. There have been several adaptations along the way, but I tend to like the original: Books are for use Every reader his/her book Every book its reader Save the time of the reader The library is a growing organism I think about […]

Read On! Nice Quiet Libraries

There’s a struggle in modern libraries. Are libraries quiet havens for reading, study, and contemplation or are libraries lively centers for communication, play, and creation? The short answer is, “yes.” Finding a balance between those needs in our building is difficult, but not impossible. Our physical building limits some of what we can do to […]

Read On! Chicago Revisited

I got to go to Chicago a few weeks ago to attend the Participatory Design Workshop for the Measuring Library Broadband Networks study (which is to say, we had a meeting to help the researchers focus and design their study so the results will be the most useful to libraries across the nation). The participants […]

The Library will be closed for Thanksgiving

  Our building will be closed November 22-25, but our digital library is always open!