Read On! Annual Report

Last week, libraries across Oklahoma submitted their annual reports to the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. It’s a good time to get a snapshot of the past year and to start making future plans and goals. In the annual report, I get to tell the state how we spent our money, how many items we have […]

Read On! Summer Reads

It was a summer full of reading for your Pryor library staff. Here’s a short list of the books we enjoyed most this summer: For Fiction Readers:   “Cold Earth” by Ann Cleeves (found in adult fiction) is the latest in Cleeves’ “Shetland” series. The series is set in Scotland’s Shetland Islands and follows detective […]

Read On! First Day of School

When I was in school, I always viewed the first day of school like New Year’s Day. It’s a day for new beginnings. To encourage new habits, to reinvent my scholarly self, to perfect my planner’s color coding, and to finally break my habit of procrastination. (I never accomplished that last one.) If the first […]

Read On! Libraries Make Connections

Recently, Forbes published an article suggesting libraries should be replaced by Amazon. As a librarian I find a lot wrong with that idea. More importantly, the article signifies that the author doesn’t understand what libraries do. Simply put, libraries make connections. Libraries make connections for the members of our community in four basic areas: Information […]