Read On! Video games

My kids are always a little dismayed when I’m good at video games (and a lot distraught when I beat them at video games). Apparently, to them, I’m a crusty old lady who never saw a video game until my kids did me the favor of discovering the world of PlayStation and Nintendo. Little do […]

Read On! Privacy

Libraries take protecting your privacy seriously. We believe what you read, what you research, and your use of the library’s resources is no one’s business but your own. We obviously have to keep some records in order to operate. Mostly those records are patron contact information, current checkouts, historical checkouts linked to fines/fees, and some […]

Read On! Summer Reading Program

Our Summer Reading Program officially begins this week! It looks a lot different than any Summer Reading we’ve had before, but we’re still excited about it.  Typically, our Summer Reading Program has two parts: the reading challenge and in-person classes and events. This year, our Summer Reading Program has one and a half parts: the […]

Read On! First Day

I’m writing this while sitting outside on the Library’s front porch monitoring the number of people in each section of the building. I’m lucky that it’s a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine and a nice, cool breeze.  This workstation and the procedures here are new and I feel clumsy and sluggish. I have to […]