Read On! Library Card Sign-Up Month

In the middle of the Library’s board meeting last month my daughter, who just turned four, came in to ask, “Mommy, can I get a library card?” It was a heart-melting moment for this librarian. In our house, we’ve decided our kids will get cards when they’re old enough to write their names on the […]

Read On! Library Staff

I am probably going to tell you something you already know: The Library’s staff is outstanding. Pryor is lucky to have these women working at the Library. I got a glimpse at how passionate the staff and Library Board are about the library when I interviewed for the Director position three years ago. This glimpse […]

The Library will be Closed for Labor Day

  Our building will be closed September 3rd, but our digital library is always open!

Read On! Legacy Lab

On the refrigerator in the Library’s kitchen is a sign that reads, “This workplace has proudly been shenanigan free for 0 days.” I don’t remember what particular shenanigan inspired the sign, but it remains true. From thinking up creative programs to claiming adjacent property through the “cunning use of flags*,” we try to take a […]