Read On! End of Summer Reading

Our Summer Reading Program is coming to a close this week. I did better on my Adult Summer Reading Bingo sheet this year than I did last year. I just missed a complete blackout, but I’m proud of the Bingos I earned. I will sheepishly admit that I didn’t attend enough Adult Summer Reading events […]

Read On: Art in the Library

Last weekend, we went to the Gilcrease Museum to see the Pulitzer Prize photograph exhibit. I needed more than one tissue to get through it, but I’m glad we went. It was room after room of powerful and heartwrenching pieces of our history.  While we were there, we took the time to explore some of […]

Read On! Mayes County Libraries

One of the squares on the Adult Summer Reading Bingo sheet this year is “visit another Mayes County library.” I write about the Pryor Library because it is what I know best, but I am always impressed by what the other libraries in Mayes County offer our communities.  Pryor’s library is, by far, the largest […]

Read On! Our Strategic Plan Begins

Last Monday, July 1st, was the first day of our new fiscal year. Like most people do at the traditional New Year, we’ve made some lofty goals for our new fiscal year. We are now, officially, working the Strategic Plan that we put together. Our Strategic Plan gives us a lot of goals to accomplish […]