Read On! Our Strategic Plan Begins

Last Monday, July 1st, was the first day of our new fiscal year. Like most people do at the traditional New Year, we’ve made some lofty goals for our new fiscal year. We are now, officially, working the Strategic Plan that we put together.

Our Strategic Plan gives us a lot of goals to accomplish during its three years. This year, we’re working on roughly 14 new or newly refocused activities! These 14 things can be divided into four broad categories: ideas for improvement that we will study and evaluate in order to decide if we can begin and sustain them, actions we definitely will take, documentation we will create, and activities we have done in the past that will now have a renewed or different focus. 

Some hi-lights of what we will accomplish in the next year:

We will begin evaluating whether to include obituary information from all newspapers we own (past and present) in our online catalog. We will also begin evaluating whether storytime classes at area daycares and/or schools is something our staff has time for and the community needs. 

We will formally select and purchase the curriculum we will use for our English Language Learning and Adult Literacy tutoring. We will review and update the Library Board of Trustees’ by-laws. 

We will create a new Technology Plan. We will document our IT procedures.  

We will continue to offer staff continuing education in a variety of ways and require that all staff working more than 20 hours per week have at least one continuing education credit per fiscal year. 

Don’t miss this week’s Summer Reading events!

Monday: Legal Aid: Free advice & where to get more @ 6:30 PM (adults)

Tuesday: Planetary Painting with Jenna @ 10:00 AM & 2:00 PM (ages 5-11)

Wednesday: Storytime @ 10:30 AM (ages 0-4)

Thursday: Eating in Space @ 6:30 PM (ages 12-18)