Read On! Library Card Sign-Up Month

In the middle of the Library’s board meeting last month my daughter, who just turned four, came in to ask, “Mommy, can I get a library card?” It was a heart-melting moment for this librarian.

In our house, we’ve decided our kids will get cards when they’re old enough to write their names on the back. I remember getting my first library card (at the Vinita Public Library) and I’d like my kids to have similar memories. Of course, many families have made different choices for their children. For the Library, a person simply has to be born to be old enough to get their own library card.

September is Library Card Sign-up Month on the American Library Association’s calendar. This means we’re making a concerted effort to encourage everyone who doesn’t yet have a library card to get one this month. You can do some incredible things with a Pryor Public Library card. Even from home in your pajamas!

To get a library card, you’ll need to come into the library with a photo ID and a piece of mail with your current mailing address on it. There’s a short form to fill out, then you’re all set! If you live in Mayes County, your library card is free. If you live outside Mayes County there’s a one-time $5 non-resident fee.

With a library card from the Pryor Public Library, you’ll have access to all our online resources (including ebooks and downloadable audiobooks), easier access to our computers and internet, and you’ll be able to take home up to 20 items at a time from our physical collection. We’re kind of the best deal in town.

With or without a library card, don’t forget to join us on Thursday, September 13th at 7 PM as we bring back our monthly adult classes and events. Jacinda will walk everyone through how to make bird marionettes. And who doesn’t want to craft your own marionette?