Read On! It’s National Library Week

Welcome to National Library Week, 2019! This is the week where we formally celebrate our nation’s libraries and all the ways they benefit our communities and community members. Fittingly, this year’s theme is “Libraries = Strong Communities” which “illustrates how today’s libraries are at the heart of our cities, towns, schools and campuses, providing critical resources, programs and expertise.”

The week features a few special days that we’d love to celebrate with you.

Tuesday, “National Library Workers’ Day,” honors the contributions all library workers bring to their libraries and communities.

Wednesday is “Library Giving Day,” a new addition to the week’s celebrations. On Wednesday library users are encouraged to donate to their local library in some way. Remember, donating materials/books is a wonderful way to show your love for your library. If we don’t use them in the collection, we will sell them or find them another good home. (If you need to make a tax-deductible donation, you can donate through our Friends of the Library group which is a 501 c(3).)

Thursday, “Take Action for Libraries Day,” is another new way to celebrate. On Thursday everyone is encouraged to tell their library story. Why are libraries important to you? How has your library helped you? Spread the word! Social media is a good place to share (use #MyLibraryMyStory), but if you want to take it a step further, share with your city and state officials!

By far, the best way to celebrate National Library Week, whether you take time to acknowledge each day or not, is simply to visit your local library. We’ve got five amazing public libraries in Mayes County. This is a good week to check them out if you’re not using them already. Between the five of us, you’re almost guaranteed to find something worthwhile!