Read On! Check your Library account online

When we upgraded our library software in December, our online library catalog gained some neat features. There’s too much for one column, so I’ll focus on the “My Account” features.

When you sign in to your account using your library card number and your last name, you can access the “My Account” area. The default tab is “Account Info” which shows you the contact information we have on record for you, any fines you owe, and how much money you’ve saved this year by using your library.

The “Notifications” tab lets you decide how you want the library to contact you. In addition to a phone call or email, we can text you. And you can text us back! The text-back feature includes the ability to renew books.

The third tab, “Items Out/Renewals” shows you what items you have checked out and gives you the ability to renew your items online.

If you’re looking for an item the library doesn’t own, the “Reserves/Requests” will be your favorite tab. Using the options here, you can request that we purchase an item for the library’s collection (and put you on hold for it) or seek the item from another library through our Inter-Library Loan (ILL).

I use the “Bookmarks” tab as a kind of wish list. I bookmark items I’m interested in, then when I’m ready to find books at the library I use this tab to quickly find what’s checked in.

The last tab is your “History” where you can find what you’ve checked out. This is handy if you want to keep track of what you read, if you forget where you left off on a series, or if you just like lists. You have the ability to opt out of this feature, if you wish.  

If you have questions about the features in our catalog, please let us know. To get to the catalog, go to, then click on the “Use the Library” tab, then the “Search the Library” link.