Read On! Medical Resources

Having recently spent some quality time in the hospital with a family member, I can tell you that medical diagnoses are often intimidating and overwhelming.

I like to know as much about what we’re dealing with as possible. As soon as the official diagnosis is made, I begin my research. This process can be fraught with misinformation and unnecessary fear, so the Library has developed a nice partnership with the medical professionals at the Utica Park Clinic to help with that.

From our home page find the “Use the Library” tab, then go to the “Health Resources @ Your Library” link. From there you can find several helpful and vetted sites. My favorite, by far, has been the medical dictionary powered by Merriam-Webster. It defines medical terms and medical abbreviations.

We also, through the State Library, have an online resource called “Consumer Health Complete.” It’s similar to Web MD, but not nearly as scary. It’s available on our “Research and Resources” page that’s found in the “Use the Library” tab.

None of the information found in these resources should replace the advice of your doctors, but we are hopeful they will help ease your mind and determine good questions to ask as you learn about a particular diagnosis.

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