Read On! Legacy Lab

On the refrigerator in the Library’s kitchen is a sign that reads, “This workplace has proudly been shenanigan free for 0 days.”

I don’t remember what particular shenanigan inspired the sign, but it remains true. From thinking up creative programs to claiming adjacent property through the “cunning use of flags*,” we try to take a light-hearted approach to the very serious job of serving our community.

Our latest shenanigan/project is our Legacy Lab. Haley, our Local History Research Assistant is spending much of her time learning how to use the equipment we purchased with our annual State Aid grant. Each machine was chosen to help convert older media like slides and 8mm film into newer media.

Haley is having a great time experimenting with the equipment and writing up the “How To” documents we’ll use when the lab is fully functional. We’re still discussing the procedure for community members to use the Legacy Lab, but stay tuned! It’ll be available soon!

We’re hopeful our Legacy Lab will be a great way for families to preserve and share memories. Once it’s ready, like all of our services, use of the Legacy Lab equipment will be free of charge.

We’re also in the midst of our strategic planning process. The end result will guide our focus and services through the next few years. The biggest piece of any strategic plan is to get input from the people this plan will affect the most – our community. We’ve conducted a paper and online survey and are in the process of hosting focus group meeting.

Please stop by the library on August 27th or 30th from 6-7 PM to let us know how we can improve our services and what shenanigans you’d like to see us attempt. We’ll have cookies!

*quoted from Eddie Izzard’s “Dress to Kill.” If you like smart stand-up and don’t mind swears, it’s incredibly quotable.