Read On! First Day of School

When I was in school, I always viewed the first day of school like New Year’s Day. It’s a day for new beginnings. To encourage new habits, to reinvent my scholarly self, to perfect my planner’s color coding, and to finally break my habit of procrastination. (I never accomplished that last one.)

If the first day of school is similar for you and your family, I encourage you to add the library to your list of scholarly resolutions.

Some suggestions:

  • Make the library building a place for you and/or your kids to do homework.

  • Search the library’s online resources when doing research before trying Google.

  • Make friends with the library staff at the beginning of the school year so you don’t feel shy about asking for help once the research projects are assigned.

  • Include at least one fun read each month while you slog through all the required reading.

Learning Express, Mango, and EBSCO are probably our most student-friendly online resources. If you haven’t checked them out, I encourage you to grab your library card number and explore them. Learning Express features math, reading, and writing lessons from fourth grade through college level and will help you get ready for just about any standardized test. Mango is our language learning resource that’s fun and easy to use. EBSCO is a suite of resources for all your researching needs.

To explore at home, you’ll need to go to our website (, find the “Use the Library” tab on the right and head down to the “Research & Resources” link. From that page, you’ll find all of our online resources available to you from home. You simply need your library card number to access them.

If you need help getting started with one of our online resources, please let the library staff know. We would love to help you find what you need.